John Adri Daniels
Hi and a BIG WELCOME to you all from the team at Artiwood Letters. My name is John and on behalf of us all want to say how delighted we are to have you visit our amazing new website (well done Niz). Please feel free to browse around, play,post a message, invite a friend and if you REALLY like what we do order some of our fantastic letters. Kids love them for their doors and they make brilliant and affordable gifts. Many thanks and feel free to come back and visit us again and again and again.

Agung Prana ( 24-04-18)
Never seen letters like yours. This is our 4th order from you and we will be coming back for plenty more. Thanks so much
Carol ( 24-04-18)
amazing website and beautiful letters. happy we found you guys and will be ordering at xmas for sure
SARAH ( 23-04-18)
thanks so much for the letters. They arrived this morning and the kids were thrilled to see their names in fairy and dolphin letters. Weve put them on their doors and they look great. thanks again artiwood
Liz ( 23-04-18)
Did we find out what animal the N is? I viewed it in several colors but still couldn't figure it out! I was introduced to this company when family was living in Australia a few years ago. So glad I found the website, finally, to add to my fairies!
Komala ( 22-04-18)
Love the dolphins and the fairies letters...great for kids, I'm sure.. I'd love them if I still was a kid... and that its eco friendly - great
Joan Smith ( 22-04-18)
Letters arrived today and already up on door. We love them and so did our daughter. Thanks so much and we will defiantely recomend to our friends.
Carol Lamb ( 21-04-18)
amazing website and beautiful letters. happy we found you guys and will be ordering at xmas for sure
Georgie Clegg ( 21-04-18)
Do you guys supply any shops in the UK. Have never seen your letters here.
glynis stow ( 20-04-18)
3rd order from your letters and we have run out of kids to buy them 4. Thanks
Maria ( 20-04-18)
We ordered the dolphin letters and had so much fun on your website. Cant wait to see the products.
Pipa ( 19-04-18)
We love Koalas and now have you letters on all 3 of our childrens rooms door. Have no more children to buy them for so we will wait to xmas and use your services for gift buying
Susan ( 19-04-18)
Animal letters are so cute. We couldn’t help wondering what the N letters stands for
Carol ( 18-04-18)
amazing website and beautiful letters. happy we found you guys and will be ordering at xmas for sure
Nanette ( 18-04-18)
I looked around Massachusetts (USA) for a unique birthday gift for little kids, but didn\'t have much success. I was happy to find your website, and my merchandise arrived so promptly!
Nissy ( 17-04-18)
We were told about your website and your wonderful letters by a friend who ordered from you last year. I have just put in an order and very much looking forward to recieving your letters and would appreciate if you would let me know when the letters will arrive. thanks in advance.
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