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Wooden Letters for your kid's door or wall by Artiwood

Wooden Letters

There are 5 delightful themed wooden letters to choose from, view each letter in the alphabet & order online:


Our wooden letters use child-safe paint , are exquisitely painted with an average dimensions of H 3.5" x W 3" x B 0.25". (H 10cm x W 8cm x B 0.6cm). Each wooden letter comes with self-adhesive patches on the back so that kids names and words can be spelled out on doors, walls , and other hard surfaces.

We ship our wooden letters world-wide.

Alphabet Letters, Animal Letters, Fairy Letters and more...

Something for all boys and girls: Fairy wooden letters, Dinosaur wooden letters, Animal wooden letters, Dolphin wooden letters and Koala Wooden Letters. Click on a door below to view and order our letters.

Animal Letters

Our animal wooden letters are varied and funky and thank goodness there’s no stinky skunky!
Our animals are friendly some live in the zoo, some in the jungle and some in Peru. These animal letters give squeals of delight and thank goodness again - none of them bite.

Fairy Letters

Our Fairy Wooden Letters are deliciously pink and dusted with love.
Our fairy letters include: garden fairies, flower fairies, the queen fairy and many other magical fairies for wonderful fairy gifts from fairy shops in Fairyland.
Meet all the characters in Artiwood World of letters here...

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