• Colorful and fun wooden, Non Toxic / Lead Free Painted letters Featuring Animals, Dinosours, Fairies, Dolphins and Koalas.
  • Great for spelling names and words on doors, walls and toy boxes ETC.
  • Each letter comes complete with a self adhesive patch on the back making it easy to attach to any surface.
  • Average dimension of letter : H 3.5" x W 3" x B 0.25" (H 9cm, W 8cm, B 0.5cm)

Meet the Characters of our Alphabet Letters


Animal Letters

A is for Ant
B is for Bear
C is for Crocodile
So you had better beware!

With Artiwood letters there are hours of fun
And if a crocodile chased you how fast would you run?

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Dinosaur Letters

Dinosaur letters can spell out “Jurassic Park”
And I wouldn’t go there alone after dark
They hide behind trees and skulk in big bushes
It would make my belly flip and gives me hot flushes

Yet Dinosaurs are cool - And a little bit scary
So if you are TOO frightened – then go buy an Artiwood Fairy

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Fairy Letters

Fleeting and flighty fairies fly high
Spelling your name in an Artiwood sky
Delicate as angels they twinkle their wings
Sprinkling sweet fairy dust on all sorts of things

And when you are sleeping curled up so tight
They dance in your dreams with love and delight

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Dolphin Letters

Australian Dancing Dolphins ride the long surf
Dipping and ducking from Byron to Perth
They rise and they shine with spectacular poise
They smile and they laugh and make lots of noise

Artiwood Dolphins are graceful and smart
They can spell out your name and open your heart

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Koala Letters

Curled up and cuddly sleeping and snoozing
A Koala’s life is most certainly cruising
Wrapped around branches to spell out your name
They cleverly play the Artiwood game

Wide eyed and wondrous they proudly declare
“I am a cuddly Koala – your most favourite bear!”

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