Wooden Alphabet Letters

We have all the letters of the alphabet, so it is as easy as saying the ABC to write the alphabet across your wall.

  • A is for Ant
  • B is for Bear
  • C is for Crocodile
  • So you had better beware!

Learn the Alphabet with Wooden Letters

Having the alphabet written across your wall with wooden letters is a fun and easy way to learn the alphabet.

  • D is for Dolphin
  • E is for Elephant
  • F is for Frog
  • What comes next has a very long neck!

Who will help you learn the Alphabet?

Come take a look at our wooden alphabet letters and see who is here to help you learn the alphabet. Or if you are particularly fond of dolphins, dinosaurs, fairies or koalas knock on a door below visit your favourite animal friends to say hello and start the alphabet game.